Calendar of Events 2014

27 - 31 March 2015 Czech Republic - West Bohemia
ECOVAST will hold the Biennial General Assembly in 2015 in the Czech Republic on Saturday 28 March.
This will be preceded by an Extraordinary General Meeting to approve changes to the statutes.
Formal notice to members was given on 5 January 2015 and a registration form may be downloaded HERE. Full details of the agenda and accompanying programme of events can be downloaded HERE.
Before the meetings of ECOVAST Members on 28 March a Conference on European Small Towns will mark the culmination of the ASSET Project, "Action to Strengthen Small European Towns". There will be speakers from the University of West Bohemia on the Competitiveness of Small Towns in the Czech Republic. The work of the Association of Local Government of the Czech Republic will be presented. Sunday 29 March will be a full day tour of small towns in both the Czech Republic and Germany.
Monday 30 March is proposed for a tour of the "Green Belt" area of the former Iron Curtain followed by an afternoon workshop.
27 March is arrival day and 31 March departure.
7-9 April, 2015: Europa Nostra UK Annual Meeting in Cambridge
The meeting, exploring the -Contribution of the Arts to the Understanding of the Significance of Place-, promises to be of exceptional interest. There will be private visits to colleges and the Fitzwilliam Museum. Lord Renfrew will deliver the Duncan-Sandys Lecture and Dame Fiona Reynolds, former Director of the National Trust, Tim Knox, Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, and from Croatia, Tihana Fabijani, Vice-President of ECOVAST (the European Council for the Village and Small Town) will be taking part.
ECOVAST UK is partnering these events and we hope to see many members of ECOVAST in Cambridge.
14-17 May 2015. Pilsen (Plzen CZ). CENTRAL EUROPEAN LANDSCAPE FORUM Civilscape
PEOPLE - EMOTIONS - LANDSCAPE - SOLUTIONS is an event reflecting a process of the formation of the sustainable society living along the Czech and German border in the former Sudetenland. The burden of the past personal and national history of this region left a significant mark in people's hearts and the landscape structure. The border area has been a witness to destruction of many villages, churches, old historic roads, roadside crosses, peace stone markers, piped brooks, and so on. Many villages remain deserted with devastated cultural landscape. There is the complexity of the challenge we face today.
3-6 June 2015 Oslo Norway. DEFINING LANDSCAPE DEMOCRACY Civilscape
Constitutional ideals of democracy, human rights, equality and freedom have a tangible landscape dimension. Democracy is rooted in free debate in public spaces - landscape is the spatial materialisation of democracy. At this time of global environmental and economic challenges driving increasing social tensions, there is urgent need for sustained discussion and debate about the role of landscape in society and for relevant knowledge and insights that address and tackle complex situations.
June 2015. The 2015 European Heritage Awards Ceremony and Europa Nostra Congress will take place in Oslo, Norway in June 2015. The Awards will be made on 11 June. The award ceremony will be preceded by the Excellence Fair, in the morning of the 11 June, at the Domus Academica of the Oslo University, during which presentations will be given by the laureates about their winning projects.
The conclusions of the European project -Cultural Heritage Counts for Europe-, coordinated by Europa Nostra and supported by the EU Culture programme, will be presented on 12 June at the Munch Aula, with its famous paintings by Edvard Munch, of the Domus Media of the Oslo University. This session will also include a presentation of the achievements of the EEA Financial Mechanism's support to cultural heritage.
The 2015 congress will have a special focus on Youth and Cultural Heritage. Fortidsminneforeningen - the Society for the Preservation of Norwegian Ancient Monuments, in cooperation with Europa Nostra, invites young craftsmen from across Europe to participate in a week-long workshop on the traditional crafts and building techniques in wood as building material from 7-14 June.
Following the meetings of the Scientific Council, the Board and the Council of Europa Nostra, the annual session of the General Assembly will take place on 13 June at the Oslo Military Society.
7-11 September 2015 Graz, World Heritage Site & Austrian Open Air Museum Stübing.
International conference using various didactic approaches and methods.
Open Air elements in and out of town. Including a tour of the Styrian Iron Route - Upper Styria
Participants can apply for funding via
ERASMUS+ - Key Action 1: learning mobility of individuals
For further funding information contact your national agency
For information related to the conference, please contact the organizer MUSIS.
We are looking forward to your application or paper!
11-12 September 2015. Riga Latvia. BALTIC LANDSCAPE FORUM 2015. Civilscape The Baltic Landscape Forum will focus on the change processes of our marine and coastal landscapes around the Baltic Sea. Our coastal and marine landscapes are a shared resource and a shared responsibility where different values meet, i.e. cultural, ecological, aesthetic, social and economic. The European Landscape Convention (ELC) is an instrument for ensuring a richer life environment, where landscape diversity is managed sustainably. In this context the sometimes different perceptions of local people, visitors and tourists are a key how these landscapes can be used in a sustainable way. In this way the Baltic Landscape Forum will be a important stakeholder event for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention on local and regional level.


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