Calendar of Events 2015

Although few ECOVAST members attended our meetings in the Czech Republic in March, it was a successful series of events. It will probably be the only meeting we can call during 2015 - although a meeting could be added to one or other of the events being attended by our ECOVAST members.

The small conference in the Spa Town of Frantiskovy Lazne, Czech Republic marked the end of our ASSET project (Action to Strengthen Small European Towns) which started in 2005 and led to research at European and local levels and to our November 2014 publication "The Importance of Small Towns"

For the work over past years on the ASSET Project the International Committee decided consider creating a simple certificate Friends of ECOVAST which could be sent out to those who had co-operated with our work on small towns and secondly to look at how the work could be used to influence the developing European Union Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) we are already involved in the process as Tihana Stepinac Fabijanic is the lead on one of their working groups, the Danube Civil Society Forum.

Valerie Carter is now working on converting our publication to a sister sub-document called The Importance of Small Towns in the Danube Basin using only examples from the countries making up the Basin area. A report on the Danube Basin will soon be uploaded to the ECOVAST website


The Biennial Assembly began with a minutes silence to remember our members who had died during the last 12 months - Professor Dr Heinar Henkel; Rudiger Maul; Edmund Neville-Rolfe; Ursula Stratenwerth, and Jane Wade. We miss them all particularly Rudiger who had led our work on rural buildings for many years and attended nearly all our recent meetings.

At the meeting we voted in a new International Committee and officers. The re-elected and new members of the new International Committee are: Angus Fowler (First Vice President and German Section); Dr. Arthur Spiegler (Vice President and Austrian Section); Tihana Stepinac Fabijanic (Vice President and Croatian Section); Magdalena Banu (Vice President and Romanian Section); Andrea Weigert (Treasurer and German Section); Olaf Linke (German Section); Phil Turner ( UK Section); Calin Hoinarescu (Romania) and Enrico Capo (Italy).

Thanks were given to Ralf Bokermann who has stepped down from the Committee. Section representatives remain unchanged.

EUROPA NOSTRA UK Cambridge University, England, was the magnificent setting for the events of the Europa Nostra UK Annual Meeting, 7 - 9 April 2015, held in association with ECOVAST and the University's Fitzwilliam Museum, and sponsored by the Headley Trust and the Leventis Foundation. The theme of the day-conference was appropriate for the venue, insofar as it concerned the effect of the arts on our understanding of 'place' and its identity. Clare College was the venue for the conference day on the theme of "The contribution of the arts to the understanding and significant of place". Speakers included: -

Ben Cowell of the National Trust, who explained the ways in which the Trust's properties in the East of England were "releasing the spirit of the place" -

Tim Knox Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, explored the significance of place, how to interpret that, how to decide what date is most significant and the importance of research

Valerie Carter, President of ECOVAST, who described the townscape of small towns in Europe; -

Angus Fowler, Senior Vice President of ECOVAST, spoke of Locket, in the recent visit to the Czech Republic, as a "town which is a landscape work of art" described in the diary of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as "œLandschaftliches Kunstwerk"; Halle, Germany, with towers and spires in the townscape, and the art and architecture of churches in continuity of place, reflecting the quality of the soil and vegetation; -

Tihana Stepinac Fabijanic, Vice President of ECOVAST, who spoke on traditional art and the built heritage of Croatia; -

Caro Howell, Director of the Foundling Museum, London, showed the involvement of the artist Hogarth and the composer Handel amongst the community of fundraisers of the home for children in the 18th Century; -

and an inspiring visual presentation by Victoria Crowe, an artist living in the Borders of Scotland, who evoked the resonance of place, time, layers of meaning, numinous, light and silence, seasons and time.



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